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About RJM

RJM International is a specialist provider of a range of innovative and technologically-sophisticated products and services aimed at the power and industrial plant sectors.

Today, RJM's primary focus involves working in partnership with some of the world's leading utility supply companies and other large combustion plant, helping them to operate as efficiently and as cost-effectively as possible, whilst meeting the latest emissions regulations, in particular those relating to emissions of SOx, NOx, particulates and carbon.

RJM's customers are world-leaders themselves, including:

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RJM works with some of the world's leading power generators, delivering innovative and cost-effective emissions reduction products and equipment.

RJM is an expert in CFD modelling

Exploiting CFD analysis is a key part of RJM's offer and helps deliver the most effective emissions reduction solutions at least cost.

Delivery of RJM Ultra-Low NOx Burners  

RJM designs, manufactures and installs a great number of technologically-sophisticated products. They range from the wholesale replacement of a plant's entire set of burners with RJM's own Ultra-Low NOx Burner assemblies to the  replacement of individual oil injector components.