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RJM takes its responsibilities as a corporate citizen seriously and actively supports a number of charities in the UK, Europe and the Far East.

In October 2018, the RJM head office held its annual Macmillan Coffee Morning and raised £126 for this national charity that provides physical, financial and emotional support to people affected by cancer.


In December 2018, the Winchester-based staff also took part in the National Save the Children Christmas Jumper Day and raised over £80. Save the Children aims to create brighter futures for children around the world, including the UK, protecting them from violence, exploitation, abuse and neglect.

Save the Children

In December 2018, instead of sending out Christmas cards by post, we decided to use the budget to make a significant donation to two new charities, in recognition of the work we are doing internationally.

In Europe, RJM’s donation is helping to fund a new ASTI campaign that is raising awareness in Europe. The Acid Survivors Trust International (ASTI) works to end acid violence at a global level and advocates for the rights of survivors. Acid attacks are a form of premeditated violence usually committed against women. They rarely kill, but cause severe physical, psychological and social scarring, often in countries where rehabilitation is extremely expensive or simply unavailable.

ASTI image

The campaign is targeting EU decision-makers so that the sale of concentrated acids will be restricted through the introduction of an ID and licencing system. To find out more about ASTI, please click here.

In China, RJM has made a donation to an orphanage community called the SOS Children’s Village. This is a hamlet of 15 houses located in the Hedong District of Tianjin, 130kms east of Beijing. Each house, run by an SOS mother and supported by other volunteers, takes in up to eight orphaned children and gives them a secure and caring environment where they can live like a family with their ‘brothers and sisters’. The children are encouraged to stay in their house until they have finished their studies and are old enough to support themselves. To date, over 400 orphaned children have been raised in these Children’s Villages since the charity was set up in 1987.

SOS Children's Village

This initiative is actively supported by the British Embassy in Beijing through various fund-raising events and as RJM has completed over 30  emissions reduction projects in the Beijing area over the past three years, the SOS Children’s Village is a worthy recipient of our support. To find out more abouit the SOS Children's Village, please click here.