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RJM's clients are drawn from the world's leading utility generators and operators of large industrial furnaces and boilers. These plants fire a full range of fuels including coal, oil, gas and increasingly, biomass, whether co-firing or 100% biomass combustion.

Consequently, RJM is familiar with the widest possible range of burner designs and configurations, including many custom-built units that have been modified for site-specific applications, whether to suit a particular industiral process or to burn a specific, locally-abundant fuel.

Thanks to its expertise across all the key parameters around thermal combustion, RJM has delivered emissions reductions and efficiency improvements to industrial plants ranging from tobacco processing factories in China, glassworks in Turkey and oil refineries in the USA.

However, its largest customer group is the thermal power generation sector and RJM provides products and emissions reduction solutions to a wide range of power stations, whether independent plants or fleets belonging to some of the world's leading utility supply companies.

Often, as a first task, RJM will carry out a rigorous site survey to build up a detailed set of baseline data. This data is then analysed and subjected to sophisticated CFD modelling and the outputs from the modelling are used by RJM's engineers to help determine what needs to be done to improve plant performance.

Typically this will include making modifications to existing equipment, installing brand new RJM-engineered products such as Ultra-Low NOx burners and tip valves, as well as applying other new technologies, as appropriate. In addition to making hardware changes, RJM will run the plant and update its operating systems and procedures to ensure that the significant emissions reductions and plant efficiency improvements recommended by the RJM team, can actually be achieved in real-time operation and in a cost-effective and timely manner.

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