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RJM continues to grow strongly and is actively recruiting experienced combustion engineering, power generation and emissions management specialists with the ability to work effectively in the UK and overseas.

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If you are looking for a challenging career, have a degree in an engineering-related discipline and a number of years' relevant experience in the sector, plus a good mix of skills and abilities, then please contact us.  

Annual Year-In-Industry Project Engineer placements

Each year, RJM International takes on one or more Year-In-Industry students to work as Trainee Project Engineers supporting RJM's in-house team of engineers, designers and CFD specialists.

Based in Winchester, UK, the placement runs for 12 months and is open to both Chemical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering students.

Successful candidates are given the opportunity to work on site in the UK and overseas. They will also gain fully-rounded experience of project engineering in an office environment.

Candidates should be enthusiastic, informed, prepared to travel and must be adept in MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Experience in AutoCAD or 3D modelling and MS Project is also advantageous. All candidates must be eligible to work in the UK.

The Year-In-Industry placements are paid postions and can lead to a full-time role with RJM, following graduation.

The 2020 round of recruitment for the Year-In-Industry positions has now closed.  


2019/2020: Tom; Engineering Undergraduate, University of Sheffield:

I had my interview for RJM in April 2019 and was delighted to be offered a placement. I started work in July 2019 and was immediately involved in a number of different projects. I have also worked on new business development, helping the company develop its expansion into the biomass and Energy from Waste markets, which has been really interesting. In addition, the placement has also allowed me to be involved in other aspects of the business, including process design and site work as well as sales and marketing. I have also been on a number of customer site visits, including a site survey of one of the UK’s only two Hazardous Waste Disposal facilities.

I have also had the chance to work on some of the company’s bigger projects including its largest contract, to clean up the emissions at one of Europe’s most polluting power stations. This has allowed me to work with various senior engineers within the company, specialists in their respected fields, allowing me to expand on the knowledge I gained at university. I have loved my time at the company so far and would highly recommend doing a placement year at RJM.

2017/2018: Rebecca; Engineering undergraduate, Nottingham University

I love working with RJM and I think having my YII in a small company has allowed me to experience a lot more, develop my skills more quickly and made me feel fully integrated within the RJM team, right from the outset.  The biggest challenge was learning what all the different acronyms mean, but everyone has been really willing to explain things – you’ve just got to be brave and ask lots of questions!

So far during my YII, I have drafted complex technical proposals in the office and been sent out on site with the RJM team to carry out boiler diagnostic tests. I then applied these findings to a series of engineering calculations that were used to modify the design of some RJM ultra-low NOx burner components. I have also been the RJM ‘scribe’ for a HAZOP study and have had a go at using RJM’s CFD modelling software and designing new components using SOLIDWORKS software.

The best opportunities for me have been working abroad and experiencing other cultures while doing a job I really enjoy at the same time.  My YII has taken me to Wales, Ireland and even as far as Viet Nam.

I am coming to the end of my YII now, but I have just been offered a full-time role with the company, to start next summer 2019, after I’ve graduated. I was thrilled to be offered this position and delighted to accept it. What’s more, it also includes a sponsorship element for my final year which will really make a big difference. All I have to do now is make sure I secure a 2:1, so I know will be studying hard from September.

In summary, I would really recommend the RJM YII scheme for any ambitious engineer who wants an exciting and challenging year with plenty of opportunities to develop their skills.

2012/2013: James; Mechanical Engineering, Liverpool University

James at Mong DuongI did my YII in 2012/13 and subsequently RJM offered me sponsorship through my final year and a full-time job upon graduation. I’ve been with RJM for four years now and worked across Europe, Asia, South America and the United States on a wide range of projects, building up my technical knowledge, business and management skills.

2011/2012: Matt; Engineering, Portsmouth University

MS in Hong KongI did my YII in 2011/12 and joined RJM as a new graduate. I’ve now worked in a number of different countries including Bulgaria, Germany, Czech Republic, Turkey, Vietnam, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand and the Philippines. Recently, my focus has been building up RJM’s customer portfolio in Asia where we have completed a number of successful emissions reduction projects in Beijing, a large optimisation project in Vietnam, and a new emiussions reduction and optmisation project in Hong Kong. In 2017, I facilitated the incorporation of a new RJM subsidiary company in Singapore and in 2018 I moved out to Singapore to head up Business Development & Operations for RJM’s Asia-Pacific business.


Crawford Blagden, Industrial Experience Manager, School of Engineering and Materials Science, Queen Mary University of London

The School of Engineering and Materials Science of Queen Mary University of London has for several years now enjoyed an extremely successful collaboration with RJM.  A number of QMUL undergraduate students have participated in successful YII placements with RJM and have gained great benefit from the diverse opportunities for professional growth offered by the company, both in regards to putting into practice the theoretical knowledge they have gained through their academic studies - but as importantly with the development of their soft skills. We look forward to future successful collaboration with RJM in the years to come.

Year-In-Industry Project Engineer placements

engineer inspecting flame

Every year, RJM recruits Trainee Project Engineers for its 12 month industrial placement scheme. This scheme operates out of RJM's head office in the UK.  

The successful candidates will typically be studying Mechanical or Chemical Engineering at university and looking for a placement in industry for their sandwich Year-In-Industry, between their
2nd and 3rd years.

Candidates should be informed, enthusiastic and prepared to travel. All candidates must be eligible to work in the UK and overseas.

Candidates should also be adept in MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint.  Experience with AutoCAD or 3D modelling and MS Project would also be an advantage.

These positions command a salary of £17,500 for the year, with a discretionary bonus. A successful placement could also lead on to an offer of a full-time role after graduation.

A final year sponsorshop opportunity is included with the offer, the only requirements being a minimum 2.1 class degree and a commitment to remain with the company for two years following graduation.  

All enquiries and applications (CV, plus a covering letter) should be sent to Pennie Lestock-Reid, Administration Manager.

Applications are now closed for the 2020  intake.