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Combustion audit

Many of RJM's major assignments have begun via a site survey or combustion audit. 

If you have existing combustion problems, operational problems, unit efficiency problems, then no matter what make or model of boiler and burners you are operating, RJM has the experience to help. With over 60,000MWe of installed reference plant, RJM is one of the only organisations with the experience and know-how to improve the performance of other OEM combustion systems and burners.

site surveyA site survey involves an experienced RJM engineer going on site to review what combustion problems are being encountered at the plant and, if also required, to assess the plant for emission reduction technology. A typical survey will include:

  • A historical analysis of problems with the unit operation
  • A review of relevant data on the performance of the unit
  • Identifying the outcome of prior corrective action attempts
  • Agreeing on a definitive set of objectives for the project
  • Inspecting burner set-up
  • Assessing the condition of the equipment
  • Evaluating the operating performance of the unit

The engineer will then file a report (typically within two weeks of the survey), setting out his recommendations of the way forward in terms of increasing the efficiency of the plant, and what needs to be done to reduce emission levels to desired or regulatory body-approved levels.

The RJM report will give you and your management team the information you need to make cost-effective decisions.