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NOx tempering

RJM's NOx tempering burner technology is a front-end system which attacks thermal NOx formation in the near-burner zone. It is suitable for both gas-fired and liquid fuel-fired boilers and furnaces.

caption: CFD model of tempering injectionFor front-wall fired units, RJM's NOx tempering technology can typically deliver 35% additional NOx reduction to that achieved with burner NOx control add-ons. In addition, NOx tempering brings considerable savings in the amount of water used. In fact, a reduced water consumption level of more than 80% is a typical value for a NOx tempered system optimised by RJM's CFD modelling, when compared with conventional bulk water injection techniques required to deliver the same percentage of NOx reduction.

caption: Tempering in action 150MWe boiler in CaliforniaRJM's NOx combustion tempering also offers very good value when compared to comparable chemical injection technologies currently available. This means that greater cost reductions can be obtained by combining front-end NOx tempering with back-end technologies such as SNCR and SCR. In these cases, yearly operating costs can be reduced by up to 65%.

RJM has built up a considerable portfolio of reference plant for this technology. Contact us today for more information on how RJM can cost-effectively reduce your emissions through NOx tempering.