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CFD comparison

Above: CFD comparison

Conveyor belt of biomass material at a power station

Above: Biomass material on a conveyor at a power station

Flame stabiliser

Above: A flame stabiliser designed by RJM

Site survey at EDF plant in France

Above: Carrying out measurements during an RJM Site Survey at an oil-fired plant operated by EDF near Paris

 Firing the RJM Ultra-Low NOx Burner

Above: Firing the RJM ULtra-Low NOx Burner 

Burner install

Above: Installing an RJM Ultra-Low NOx burner

New burners

Above: New RJM burners prior to installation 


Above: RJM's new Ultra-Low NOx Burner

RJM team at AES Maritza

Above: The RJM team at AES Maritza following the successful completion of another emissions reduction and efficiency improvement project