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RJM in Modern Power Systems, May 2007

Innovative engineering has solved emissions and performance issues at unit A of Essent's Clauscentrale plant with minimal outlay on new hardware.

Clauscentrale (Figure 1) is a 1280 MWe power plant situated in The Netherlands. Consisting of two 640MWe Stork supercritical boilers firing bio-oil, heavy fuel oil and natural gas through 18 opposed fired burners (Figure 2). Unit A entered operation in 1977. So we knew that with the new LCPD regulations and new trading schemes coming in, we had to undertake some fairly major modifications to the plant, says Jos Peeters, Essent senior asset engineer. "We were also aware that we had some other issues related to furnace vibrations, flame instability, and boiler performance which we wanted to resolve at the same time. And we wanted to achieve all this while keeping downtime to a minimum and keeping the financial outlay on new equipment and hardware as low as possible."

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