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May 2011: RJM International launches new business venture in the USA

RJM International, the UK-based provider of emissions reduction technologies, announces today, Tuesday 3rd May 2011, the launch of a new business activity with Systems Analyses and Solutions, Incorporated (SAS) located in Owasso, Oklahoma, USA.

SAS, Inc. was originally set up in 2006, providing advanced engineering analysis and scaled testing of combustion systems, including performance characterization of catalytic systems, to businesses across a range of industrial sectors in the United States.

Over that period, RJM has increasingly been working with SAS on a number of European emissions reduction analysis projects, exploiting its state-of-the-art expertise and advanced analytical tools developed in-house by SAS and unavailable elsewhere.

It is because of this increasingly significant shared business activity that RJM was keen to formalize the relationship between the two parties and create a new company with enhanced resources, a strengthened management team and therefore the ability to win new, larger assignments across a wider range of industrial sectors, throughout the world.

Commenting on the new SAS venture, John Goldring, Managing Director of RJM said, "We've been working with the SAS team for a number of years now on several projects such as detailed CFD analysis or scale-model airflow distribution analysis, where attention to detail and the highest levels of precision can make the difference between meeting a new, reduced NOx threshold or missing it altogether."

'There are a number of industrial sectors which could benefit from SAS's extensive experience in the chemical and hydrocarbon industries plus their background in forensic  engineering - as well as our own core market in the power generation sector at large combustion plants -  and we want to enable the new SAS business to achieve its full potential.

"By joining forces, SAS now has the resources to build on its previous successes and become a significant global player", he said.

Supporting that viewpoint, Joseph D. Smith, SAS President said, "We are very excited at the prospect of linking up with the RJM team to facilitate new business growth not just in the USA but all over the world."

"Our high quality engineering team, all with advanced degrees, represents over 100 plus years of practical experience solving real industrial problems.  With our new office and testing laboratories located in Owasso, Oklahoma, we are now ready to aggressively move forward in this business venture with RJM."

"My priority for the next 12 months will be to meet potential clients in the power and process industries to introduce our well proven solutions to meet the critical challenges in the process and power generation business", he added.

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About Systems Analyses and Solutions

SAS is a technology solutions company delivering technical expertise and operational support to customers in the chemical/petrochemical process industries and in the fossil fired power generation industry.

Building on more than 100 years of practical engineering experience, SAS brings innovation and insight to multiple business areas. With offices in Tulsa, OK, Houston, TX, Chicago, IL, and Winchester, England our staff, most of whom hold advanced engineering degrees, are ready to meet our clients' needs worldwide.

For more information, call + 00.1. 918.770.6840 or visit SAS online at www.sas-ieng.com.