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RJM is of the leading providers of innovative, cost-effective low NOx solutions for power stations and other large combustion plant throughout the world.

Filming low NOx burners during firing is just one of the ways in which actual performance under real load conditions can be recorded.

RJM has developed its own range of low NOx and ultra-low NOx burners to help plant meet stringent emissions reduction targets, without necessarily having to commit to costly installation of, or additions to, full-scale SCR or SNCR systems.

An RJM ultra-low NOx CleanAir Burner™ firing gas at a district heating plant in Beijing.

An RJM ultra low NOx burner firing coal at a UK power station


An RJM-modified low NOx nozzle firing coal at AES Kilroot in Northern Ireland


An RJM designed and engineered tip shut-off valve, fitted to a 500MWe coal plant, firing as the boilers return to service from cold

An RJM ultra low nox burner firing gas at essent energie clauscentrale