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Corporate history

RJM Corporation was founded in Connecticut in 1977 by Richard J Munro, with the business focused on offering R&D consulting services to the thermal-fired power generation sector.

RJM quickly established a name for itself as a company which could design and implement modifications that yielded significant improvements in terms of both operational efficiencies and reduced emissions.

From the 1990s, Richard helped pioneer the use of CFD for industrial combustion.  He successfully applied CFD analysis to all makes and models of burners and boilers, consistently delivering exceptional results, no matter what the fuel or the firing configuration.

RJM's expertise was such that it could also achieve further emissions reductions from existing 'low NOx' burners. Consequently, RJM soon built up a substantial reference portfolio of RJM-modified generation plants throughout North America. Key customers included Exelon, Entergy, TXU, FirstEnergy and Duke.

The company also began taking on overseas projects and in 2000, to consolidate growth outside the USA, set up a European subsidiary with headquarters in the UK.

In 2004, RJM Corporation ceased trading in the USA, when the founder decided to pursue other interests outside the power generation sector.

RJM's European managers were keen to continue to grow the business and set the wheels in motion for a management buy-out. This was completed in 2005 and the company was relaunched as RJM International.

Focusing initially on opportunities in the UK and Europe, RJM International more than doubled its turnover in 2005 and did so again in 2006.

Since that time, RJM has built up a strong team of skilled personnel and has continued to expand year on year, improving its service offer and widening its portfolio of RJM-designed and manufactured products, ranging from small replacement components for oil light-up equipment to complete sets of RJM's own Ultra-Low NOx Burners; suitable for coal, oil, gas or biomass-fired boilers.

Since the mid-1990s, RJM has completed over 60,000MWe of major combustion and emission control projects at global power generators and other large combustion plants throughout the world.

In 2011, RJM International consolidated its relationship with SAS, Inc. a Tulsa-based company that provided additional CFD resources to RJM, through the establishment of a joint venture.

In 2018, a new US-based subsidiary of RJM International was established and the assets of SAS, Inc. and its personnel were brought into the new RJM USA business, based in Tulsa, OK.

Some of RJM International's most recent successes include:

2018 Tulsa, USA RJM returns to the USA and establishes a new regional office based in Tulsa, OK. 

2018 Singapore RJM establishes Asia-Pacific operation with a new regional office in Singapore to target new opportunities in China and throughout the Far East.

2017 UK RJM is awarded The Queen's Award for Enterprise - Innovation 2017 by the UK government. RJM appoints Buka Power as its agent in India.

2016 CHINA RJM completes its first major project in China, with the introduction of nine of its new ultra-low NOx CleanAir BurnersTM retro-fitted to a district heating plant outside Beijing. These burners meet the stringent NOx limits of China's new Clean Air Act and are helping to improve air quaility in the city.

2016 UK RJM awarded BS EN ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System Certification.

2015 UK AND WORLDWIDE RJM wins the prestigious Innovation Award from the Energy Insititute. The company also secures addtional new contracts at UK and overseas power plants as the market continues to recognise that RJM can help generators achieve NOx levels below 200mg/Nm3 using primary measures only. RJM completes move into new offices.

2014 UK RJM announces move into larger, prestigious premises in Winchester to better serve its growing customer base and secures major NOx reduction projects from EDF for two of its coal-fired plants in England.

2013 UK AND WORLDWIDE RJM secures contract at SSE Ferrybridge to replace all 48 burners on Unit 4 with its own range of Ultra-Low NOx Burners. This follows on from a similar, sucessfully concluded project on Unit 3 during 2011. Two variants of RJM's own Ultra-Low Nox Biomass Burners now on test at a major UK power plant; an RJM-designed and built gas burner installed on an industrial process plant in China; a waste fuel biomass feasibility study for a power plant in Italy, plus a number of other confidential projects for some of the world's leading power supply and utility companies.

RJM timeline


RJM returns to the USA and establishes a new regional office in Tulsa, OK. More... 


RJM establishes Asia-Pacific operation to target new opportunities in China and the Far East. More...


RJM wins The Queen's Award for Enterprise - Innovation 2017. RJM appoints Buka Power as its agent in India.


RJM completes its first major ultra-low NOx project in China. RJM also meets BS EN ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System Certification.


RJM wins major new projects in the UK and overseas. RJM also wins the Innovation Award, granted by the Energy Institute. RJM moves into new HQ.


RJM wins major new NOx reduction projects at two of the UK's largest coal-fired power stations, operated by EDF.

RJM secures prestigious new premises to better serve its rapidly-growing portfolio of UK and overseas customers.


RJM wins 2nd multi-million pound contract from SSE Ferrybridge to install 48 of its own Ultra-Low NOx Burners on Unit 4.

RJM tests its own combined coal / biomass nozzles on a large utility furnace in the UK.


RJM pioneers research into the detailed chemistry around biomass combustion and biomass co-firing, in conjunction with two university research departments.

2010 - 2011

RJM wins multi-million contract to install its own Ultra-Low NOx Burners on Unit 3 at SSE Ferrybridge.

RJM develops and manufactures its own range of products, ranging from single component replacements to entire Ultra-Low NOx Burner assemblies.


RJM launches industrial placement trainee scheme, aimed at engineering undergraduates.

2006 - 2008

Client list and turnover grow strongly in line with RJM's reputation.


MBO of RJM's European subsidary completed.


RJM ceases trading in the USA.


European subsidiary of RJM Corporation opens, based in Winchester, UK.


RJM Corporation, the original RJM business, founded in Connecticut, USA.


SAS signs agreement with TARMAC to provide biomass gasifier with biogas burner for rotary kiln drying system.


SAS completes biomass gasifier enclosed flare design for Denver Zoo.

SAS provides design for biofuels distillation system to Proton Power SAS provides design modification to biomass gasifier to reduce CO and NOx by 50% for Atlantic Power.


SAS completes detailed analysis of Carbon Utilization Plant involving 475 MW coal-fired plant with High Temperature Steam Electrolysis for CEATI Technology with Deseret Power, TVA and SaskPower.

SAS completes design evaluation of Heavy Crude Flash Vaporizer for Saudi Aramco.


SAS completes slug catcher design optimization to reduce liquid by-pass by 80% for Select Engineering.

SAS completes design optimization of oil/water separator for Gas Tech.


SAS, LLC reorganized as a C-corporation in partnership with RJM International.


SAS contracts with Uintah Partners to develop Low Temperature CO Catalytic Oxidizer for Black Wax Project.

SAS completes analysis of Elevated Multi-Tip Flare ignition for Zeeco / Statoil.


SAS completes design analysis of Range Fuels Cellulosic Ethanol Plant  Reformer.


SAS completes Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Kinetic Tool for Bloom Energy.


SAS completes detailed analysis of large ground flare for Zeeco. Results presented  at American-Japanese Flame Research Committee International Symposium.


SAS, LLC formed.