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RJM International employs skilled engineers, programmers and modelling technicians across a range of technical disciplines including combustion engineering, CFD analysis and physical modelling.

RJM team at Maritza

Team photo at AES Maritza, marking the end of another successful project

RJM personnel operate across the globe and spend a considerable amount of time working at customer sites, gaining in-depth understanding of the combusion and emissions challenges, supervising the installation of new RJM-manufactured, or RJM-modified equipment and overseeing that correct operational procedures are followed to ensure emissions guarantees are met.

In all aspects of its work, RJM maintains the highest engineering and safety standards and is committed to a programme of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) and training for each one of its employees.

Every year RJM offers industrial placements to engineering undergraduates, a scheme that combines office-based exposure to the world of business with practical training located at customer sites, working as a full member of the RJM team.

To find out more about RJM's industrial placement scheme, please contact Pennie Lestock-Reid, Administration Manager. Contact here. 

Matt Shields

Matthew Shields at AES Maritza

What's RJM's Industrial Placement Scheme really like? Matthew Shields explains...

"As a Mechanical Engineering student studying at the University of Portsmouth, I had the option to work in industry for my third year. Following an application and interview process for a place on RJM’s industrial placement scheme, I was taken on by the company as an Assistant Project Engineer and after a few weeks of familiarisation in the office, I was soon working on-site, helping with testing at a major UK coal-fired plant.

On completion of that UK-based assignment, I then worked in Europe on a number of other large-scale emissions reduction projects for some of world’s leading generators. I was also involved in the creation of several complex, desk-based engineering studies.

As Assistant Project Engineer, I worked across various disciplines including proposal generation, mathematical modelling of combustion, CFD analysis, detailed engineering design, as well as on-site testing and commissioning.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time with RJM on its industrial placement scheme and having completed my degree, I was fortunate enough to be offered a full-time position by the company as a Project Engineer, a role that I was delighted to accept."