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Quality & Safety

Maintaining the highest standards of quality and safety are two fundamental  principles for RJM and consequently they have a major impact on all aspects of the business.

RJM was awarded BS EN ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System Certification in October 2016, but the company has adhered to  ISO 9001 systems and procedures ever since it was set up in 2005.

Quality Management System regulations monitor and quantify management responsibility, resource management and product realisation and enable projects to be managed effectively and safely.

With the increased use of biomass matter in large combustion plant, whether as a full plant conversion or as part of a conversion to co-firing, RJM now supports its customers with reviewing all aspects of plant safety in relation to the handling, storage and firing of biomass matter and devsing and implementing updated safety procedures.

Download RJM's Safety Brochure here.

RJM coal burner flame stabiliser

RJM coal burner flame stabiliser

RJM prides itself on the excellence of its practical thinking to come up with innovative solutions which actually work in the field.

These solutions are founded on solid research and analysis, using its own proprietary - and highly sophisticated - CFD modelling programmes to ascertain precisely what is happening within the combustion process. Moving from the analysis stage to the practical solutions stage is another of RJM's strengths.

Another distinguishing feature of RJM is that it develops tailor-made solutions and deploys uniquely-configured upgrade components of the highest quality. The precise design of these components is one of the key features which distinguishes RJM from its competitors. It also helps explain why RJM has been able to deliver significant NOx reductions at a number of power plants, when the incumbent power generation contractors have been unable to do so.

Every component is designed and specified by RJM and manufactured to the finest tolerances by specialist makers. RJM also oversees the manufacturing process to ensure each critical feature is exactly as it should be.

For each contract, before installation of the new components can get under way, RJM  puts a safety process in place to ensure that its work meets all current health and safety legislation and guidelines.

Once appropriate health and safety criteria have been put in place, RJM manages and oversees the installation of the new components and sub-assemblies on site.

Rigorous testing then takes place to ensure that the project objectives are being successfully delivered. 

RJM ULNB burner
An RJM Ultra-Low NOx Burner prior to installation at Ferrybridge

RJM's own CNC-machined gas nozzles 
RJM's own-design, CNC machine gas nozzles.

CNC CNC machined low NOx oil burner atomiser assemblies 
RJM's own-design, CNC machined low NOx oil burner atomiser assemblies