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Holland (gas/biofuel)

Site name: Clauscentrale Unit A

Country: The Netherlands
Client: Essent Energie
MWe: 1 x 640MWe once through supercritical Unit
Fuels: natural gas, heavy oil, and bio oil
Year: 2005

Nature of project

To engineer, model, supply and start-up burner modifications with increased FGR to reduce NOx emissions to below LCPD limits.

Project Objectives

Boiler manufacturer Stork Babcock, once through Benson type, with 18 opposed fired oil/gas burners each rated at 100MWth heat input.

Boiler Parameters: 640MWe, 1955 t/hr, 25.8 MPa, 545°C SH, 538°C RH.

Emission guarantees: 200mg/Nm3 @ 3% O2 for NG firing, 400mg/Nm@ 3% O2 for oil firing, CO less than 125mg/Nm@ 3% O, with furnace vibrations below 0.3G and no decrease in boiler load.


All RJM upgrades were started-up on time with good and reliable performance. Operating data confirmed emission guarantees would be achieved. Guarantee testing was carried out in December 2006 and all perfomance tests were fully met.

Other benefits from RJM technology

  • Improved heat transfer in the furnace
  • Stable flames - original burners unstable at higher FGR rates
  • Problems at start-up with a cold boiler eliminated
  • Boiler furnace vibration eliminated
  • Units now in service since 2005 with 100% availability
  • Boiler turndown now achievable with all burners in service, plus improved operational capability.

Essent burner installation





Essent stack