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Hungary (oil/gas)

Site name: AES Tisza II

Town: Tiszaujvaros
Country: Hungary
Client: AES Corporation
MWe: 4 x 225MWe units
Fuels: natural gas & light oil
Year: Units 1 and 4 upgraded in 2004
Year: Units 2 and 3 upgraded in 2008

Nature of project

To engineer, model, supply and install low NOx burner modifications to reduce NOx emissions, with no impact on CO or excess oxygen.

Project objectives

Boiler manufacturer SES Tlmace, natural circulation, each with eight upshot fired burners located in the boiler floor. This upward-firing burner configuration is unusual and several well-known low NOx emission specialists did not wish to attempt this udgrade, but RJM offered an intelligent, practical approach based on a "first principles" approach that was well-suited to the Tisza plant.

Boiler parameters

215MWe, 670 t/hr, 16.8 MPa, 545°C SH, 545°C RH.
The baseline NOx for natural gas firing was 1,240 Mg/Nm@ 3% O2 and 860 Mg/Nm3
@ 3% O2 when firing heavy oil.

Emission guarantees

350 Mg/Nm@ 3% O2 for NG firing, 400 Mg/Nm@ 3% O2 for oil firing, CO less than 175 Mg/Nm@ 3% O2, with no increase in excess oxygen.

Final results on Units 1 and 4

Emissions: 200 Mg/Nm@ 3% Ofor natural gas firing, 240 Mg/Nm@ 3% O2
for oil firing, CO less than 100 Mg/Nm@ 3% Owith a decrease in excess oxygen.

Final Results on Units 2 and 3

Emissions: Less than 150 Mg/Nm@ 3% Ofor natural gas firing, less than 200 Mg/Nm3
@ 3% Ofor oil firing, CO less than 100 Mg/Nm@ 3% Owith a decrease in excess oxygen.

Other benefits from RJM technology

  • Improved heat transfer in the furnace
  • No degradation of boiler ducts as per original installation
  • Very short commissioning time
  • Guarantees met immediately and within project schedules
  • Greater than 80% NOx reduction achieved for natural gas firing on all Units
  • All Units now in service with 100% availability and all re-rated to 225MWe.

Tisza II installation


tisza stack