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Alessandro Sacconi, Mechanical Engineering Coordinator, Edipower's San Filippo del Mela power station, Brindisi, Italy

Edipower"RJM was entrusted by Edipower in 2009 with the carrying out of an investigative survey of the combustion performances of Units 5 & 6 - heavy oil fired, 320 MW gross each at the San Filippo power station (on the island of Sicily) with the main aim of identifying possible technical solutions to reduce NOx levels in flue gases at boiler outlet.

RJM accomplished an exhaustive assessment of Edipower boiler firing system operation by both gathering site data and design documents and directly interviewing plant personnel to obtain a first-hand feedback of any possible operating issues.

The outcome of the survey was summarized by RJM in a report that has given Edipower a comprehensive outlook over San Filippo boilers performances and clear indications on possible hardware upgrades that could be implemented to reduce emission levels and their individual expected contribution to the overall benefit together with a budgetary estimation of their relevant investment.

Such information is deemed to be very valuable by Edipower as it can be helpful in taking strategic decisions relevant to future San Filippo power station operating scenarios."