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Jos Peeters, Senior Asset Engineer, Essent Energie Clauscentrale Unit A, The Netherlands

Essent logo"I first came across RJM International when I read an article about an RJM low NOx project in a trade magazine, Power Engineering International.

It seemed to me that we at Essent, with our supercritical gas/oil-fired units, could also get lower emissions using RJM technology, so I invited RJM over to talk to us and explain to us how their advanced low NOx burners actually worked.

We decided to go ahead and commissioned 18 new burners which were installed in 2005. Everything went well during our planned overhaul and the installation of the new RJM equipment.

The last overhaul was in May 2010  and everything is still exactly as it should be, with no cracks, no deformations so good for at least another four years as far as we are concerned.

RJM is definitely a great company to work with. We haven?t had any misunderstandings and as far as we are concerned, they did a much better job than they were supposed to do, so have performed well above expectations.

The work RJM did here was also very good value for money, so we are completely satisfied."