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Turkey (oil/gas)

Site name  Soda Units 3, 4 & 5

Country:  Turkey
Client:  BGM for Mersin Soda
MWe:  3 x boilers (1 x 120t/hr, 1 x 100t/hr, 1 x 100t/hr)
Fuels:  Natural gas and Heavy Fuel oil
Year:   2005

Nature of project

To upgrade the burners on all three boilers to include natural gas firing while maintaining original oil firing capability. To reduce NOx emissions to below 450mg/Nmon oil and below 200mg/Nmon gas.

RJM's scope was to design, supply, supervise and optimise burner modifications to all boilers at this site. Each boiler is briefly described:

  1. Boiler make Babcock France, fitted with Pillard dual zone burners
  2. Boiler make B&W, fitted with B&W circular register burners
  3. Boiler make Schelde Breda fitted with Hamworthy low NOx DFL burners


The simplicity of the RJM low NOx upgrade for each boiler allowed the continued use of the existing burner register, front plate, flame monitor and igniter so that only the firing components were modified. RJM low NOx oil tips and gas burner assemblies were also included.

Following installation, the combustion was optimised by balancing air and fuel flows. RJM's optimisation process resulted in a final boiler excess O2 of <2% from a starting point of >4.5%, thereby improving boiler efficiency.

The RJM burners on all boilers met all performance guarantees for both oil and gas firing and additionally, NOx was 180mg/Nm3 @ 3% O2 at NG firing and 380mg/Nm3 @ 3% O2 for HFO firing.

Unit 5 original DFL Burner, RJM low NOx burner installed, Unit 5 ? RJM burner firing oil, Unit 3 ? RJM burner firing gas

 RJM burner for Mersin Soda

New RJM burner being installed at Mersin Soda